Sterile Filter Tubing Set

A sterile filter set is essential in the prevention of accidental contamination of your aspiration unit during oocyte collection. It is recommended that sterile filter sets are changed between patients.

The filter set comprises of a 1.5m PVC tubing connected to a hydrophobic filter with the tubing set connected to the needle by a standard luer connection. Two sterile tubing filter sets are available to fit either your Rocket or Cook aspiration pump. We also produce a tubing set to connect a Labotect pump to the luer lock on our oocyte collection sets.

Please order the following codes:
TS/12/R to fit Rocket Digital Aspiration Pump
TS/13/C to fit Cook KMAR Aspiration Pump
TS/14/L a Labotect Pump Connection Set to fit Labotect Aspiration Pump

Materials: The vacuum tubing is manufactured from medical grade PVC and connected to a PTFE hydrophobic filter with silicone tubing from the filter to the pump. The TS/14/L consists of PVC silicone tubing and a luer lock connection.

Sterilisation: Ethylene Oxide and designed for single use only.

All products are manufactured in accordance with quality standards ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485 and CE marking.

Download a pdf version of this product
Sterile Filter Tubing Set (118kb pdf)