Single Lumen Oocyte Collection Set
(with Side Arm)

Designed for transvaginal aspiration of follicles to obtain oocytes. The set includes needle with tubing and bung for connection to a standard test tube. This needle also incorporates a side arm to facilitate flushing if required. All needles have echogenic markings for easy recognition under ultrasound.

Materials: The needle and its connections are all manufactured from high grade surgical stainless steel. The tubing is manufactured from translucent PTFE. Both the needle and tubing are available in different lengths and gauges.

Sterilisation: Steam sterilised and designed for single use only.

Testing: All materials are tested to mouse embryo blastocyst survival to ensure a non-toxic, sterile product.

Standard needle is 17 gauge x 31 cm with 60 cm tubing – Order code SCSB. Also available in other gauges or lengths, please state when ordering.

All products are manufactured in accordance with quality standards ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485 and CE marking.

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Single Lumen Oocyte Collection
Set (with Side Arm)
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